Backyard Test for Gently

Many people wonder what happens to Gently nappies in landfill where the conditions are variable and not the same as industrial composting conditions. We decided to test this out and placed a Gently Insert in the ground for 6 months. There was no turning of the soil or addition of other materials that might speed up the biodegradation. So really kind of a worst case scenario. As you can see from the attached pictures there was almost nothing left after 6 months!

Questions about Gently Inserts Answered

Several of our retail partners have asked me about Gently Inserts. Are they bleached? NO, definitely not. We use no perfumes or bleach when they are manufactured. This is why the bamboo layer is slightly cream coloured rather than bright white which you may be used to with conventional disposables. Do they contain Phthalates? A

good question and the answer is NO. Actually Phthalates are used in certain plastics to soften them and they can be hazardous if ingested by kids. Whilst this is not really a risk with nappies, the answer is that there are no Phthalates in our product.