Product Range

Starter Packs

Our Starter Packs include 2 reusable fabric shells and 32 eco-disposable inserts. This is everything you will need to start using Gently!

The Starter Packs come in 4 sizes.

Insert Refills

Our Refills come in packs of 50 which will generally last 1-2 weeks a Newborn and 2-3 weeks for an older child. The Inserts are made from Bamboo, Wood Pulp and our Biodegradable water proof layer. They also contain SAP (or Super Absorbent Polymer) in their core.

Our inserts come in 2 sizes which cover the 4 sizes of shells. The Medium-Large Insert is a little more absorbent and a bit longer than our Newborn-Small Insert.

Reusable Shells

The shells are made from water proof breathable nylon from the sport wear industry. The shells are machine washable and can be tumble dried. They are available in 4 sizes and there are a range of colours and prints on their way.

Eco Nappies

Our new Eco Nappies are made from the same materials as our Inserts. The offer all the convenience of disposable but they are compostable. (Note: The side tapes are made from non-biodegradable material and should be removed before composting).

The Eco Nappies come in 4 sizes.