Why Choose Gently?

Did you know most babies will use up to 5000 nappies in their first few years! And according to Choice Magazine, Australia will contribute 5,000,000 per day (2.1bn per year) to landfill enough to cover 21000 football fields. There are many studies around that estimate that normal disposable nappies will take over 100 years to biodegrade.

So why choose Gently?
  • Gently is a new nappy/diaper system that has a reusable/washable shell and eco-disposable Inserts. The inserts mean Gently is as convenient as a normal disposable but you waste far less.
  • Because you waste less, you also pay less per change. In fact, the inserts can be bought for around 24c each. Leading disposables can cost twice this much and other eco-disposables three times as much.
  • Gently also significantly reduces the impact on the environment because the disposable inserts are made from mostly natural and biodegradable materials like Bamboo, Wood Pulp and a Corn Starch based water proof layer which is certified for Industrial Composting in Europe and the US.