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Andrea Caldwell wrote at February 4, 2016:
Hi there, Can you please tell me if your products are cruelty free? Do you test on animals and do they use any animal products? Thanks Andrea
Narelle Stark wrote at September 5, 2015:
To Whom It May Concern, My name is Narelle Stark and I am a Midwife at a Southern Sydney Hospital. A colleague and I have recently started up a business running both private and group antenatal classes and as part of our program we give our clients a bag that contains both educational/promotional information and products. We are just wondering if you would be interested in promoting “Gently" in our sample bags. Please feel free to visit our website at Kind Regards, Narelle Stark & Sallee Dwyer.
admin wrote at June 9, 2015:
We don't have any data on biodegradability in salt water so I would not recommend this. We have just completed biodegradability testing of our inserts and I am pleased to report that they exceed the standards in the Australian and Europe. These standards require more then 90% biodegraded in 180 days in aerobic conditions. Ours achieved more than 93% in only 90 days.
Charlotte Braithwaite wrote at June 7, 2015:
Would these nappies also be biodegradeable in saltwater? We are planning to take our daughter sailing and would be at sea for upto three weeks at a time. I am looking at cloth nappies. But would consider biodegradeable nappies if there is minimal impact on the environment. Thanks
Simon from Gold Coast wrote at May 15, 2015:
Your nappies are fantastic but hard to get on the Gold Coast - can I buy them direct?
admin wrote at December 18, 2014:
I would suggest Baby Bunting Hawthorn would be the nearest to Northcote, Melbourne 291 Burwood Road, Hawthorn, VIC, 3122 (03) 8851 9099
Holly wrote at December 18, 2014:
Can you please tell me where I can find your Eco diapers in melbourne's inner North, ie northcote area? Thank you
Dominique wrote at August 13, 2014:
Hi! I'm expecting our first baby in October, so researching which nappies to use at home! As yet, Byron Shire Council doesn't offer industrial composting bins to my area, so we would have to compost the nappies at home. I was wondering if any of your customers have any success in composting Gently inserts at home? If so, what sort of bin was used, did they layer with grass cuttings/dirt/dried leaves?? etc. Also I was wondering why your nappies need an outer layer (the reusable shell)? Is this in case they leak, or do they often leak? I already have many reusable outer shells of reusable nappies to use with a combination of bamboo reusable inserts/cloth nappies. At times for convenience we'd like to have the backup of a compostable nappy, to save on washing/drying. Do you think I could use your Gently inserts with the reusable shells we have, and not have to wash the shells much? Could you please send me a few newborn samples to have on hand to experiment with. Thanks very much Dominique
nicole wrote at May 24, 2014:
Hello, Just wandering where your disposable nappies over 18kg are made.
Emma Kane from Ballina wrote at May 16, 2014:
Hi, I am a family day care educator and have been using gently nappies in my service for nearly 2 yrs and love them. I am holding workshops to promote and educate other educators and parents about them and would really love some information about this product that I can hand out please.
Liz wrote at May 8, 2014:
Hi team I stumbled across your products while buying cloth nappies on and I am very impressed! Our little man, 14 months, is currently wearing cloth nappies, however he is soon to have hip surgery and will be placed into a plaster hip spica cast for at least the next 4 months. I am investigating Eco friendly ways of nappying him while in the cast and am hoping that your inserts might work. Have you heard stories of any children using the inserts inside the spica? Can you offer any suggestions? Currently we are being advised to use a sanitary pad inside the cast, with a disposable nappy taped over the top. For obvious reasons I don't want to use disposables, but I just cant see our current MCNs working. Is there any chance you could please send me a sample insert or two to trial? I would love to offer a greener, friendlier solution to other mums in my position. Thank you so much, and keep up the great work! Liz, Melbourne
Erin from Perth, Westeren Australia wrote at March 15, 2014:
I'm a new time mum who loves using gently nappies. I would love to know if there is going to be any other colours or pattern reusable shells in the near future? I would be willing to pay a little extra for them.
Kylie Bott from Australia wrote at March 10, 2014:
Hi I'm Kylie from the Byron Shire Council. We are introducing the green kerbside bin into the shire and are considering stocking your brand of compostable nappy. Would you please provide details of wholesale prices, where I can order and the timeframe for deliveries? Thanks for your time
suzanne lynch from clarence valley wrote at February 21, 2014:
I would like to demonstate the compostability of your nappies in our organic composters in the Clarence Valley with the view to promoting within our community. Would it be possible to send me a sample-2-3 would be adequate. Many thanks, Suzanne.
Kylie Hollonds from Australia wrote at November 20, 2013:
I have been recommended to your brand by one of our customers as suitable for people who have specialty needs. We recommend products within out network and would like to share your products with our customers, espec those struggling with eczema and other skin disorders. I really look forward to connecting with you. Regards Kylie
Kylie from NZ wrote at November 19, 2013:
Hi there do you have any stockists in NZ yet? I would love a sample of your nappy as I am possibly interested in stocking your product (or know a few people who would be very interested!) please get back to me with your wholesale rates and if you would be willing to send me a sample. Many thanks Kylie
Jennifer Sutherland from Eco Kids Early Learning Centre wrote at October 22, 2013:
Would love to use and promote these at our service. Can you supply us at a wholesale rate?
Katrina wrote at October 15, 2013:
Hi. I am hoping to become a stockist of gently products. Can you please contact me about this? Thanks katrina
Madison from Ontario Canada wrote at October 11, 2013:
These nappies look awesome, I would love to try them. How could I get them in Canada because I can't seem to find any place that sells them in Canada or is willing to ship internationally to Canada. If you could help that would be awesome
Michelle wrote at October 10, 2013:
Hi, would love to buy and stock your product. Looks fantastic and great for the environment. Kind regards Michelle