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Hanna from New Zealand wrote at September 30, 2013:
Hi there, I have been reading so many good things about your nappies, I was hoping there is somewhere I can purchase them in NZ?
Glenn from Newcastle, Australia wrote at September 11, 2013:
I have an AA Wormfarm septic tank(in ground) system on our 100 acres which is gravity fed to an underground dispersal area. All our house waste and organic waste goes into this system and is degraded by the worms. It has a bin on top with a lid where the compost is fed in. I can see no reason why your nappies can't be composted through this septic system. It could be in your interests to contact them and confirm this and be advantageous for both your companies. Google "A & A Wormfarms" and have a read. Please could you get back to me, we are already using your nappies and love them but would really like to put them through our wormfarm septic tank. Cheers Glenn 0418749286
Gen Yeomans from Adelaide wrote at May 28, 2013:
Love these eco nappies, they are so cost effective, wish there was a bigger size as they are not absorbent enough for my two year old but great for day use. Unfortunately I'm having trouble buying them in Adelaide in stores due to stockist issue so will have to find an online supplier. Great product wish these were around when i had my first two babies.
Anna Wilson from Melbourne wrote at May 24, 2013:
This is such a good idea and the pricing is excellent. A reusable shell/pilcher with a disposable insert always seemed like the most logical mid-point between convenience and environmental impact but the other systems I've seen are really quite expensive. I was so impressed when I stumbled across Gently in Baby Bunting this week. I always felt bad about using disposables but the convenience was addictive and my husband didn't like the reusables we have. I'll definitely be using these for my next little one, who'll be coming along in a few weeks, thank you!
Kellie Farmer from Adelaide Australia wrote at April 29, 2013:
Hi Guys, I have seen and bought your product and have run a series in our local papers regarding Modern Cloth nappies and I suggested that they look into your products. Do you know if your nappies are accepted by Adelaide’s two major composters Jeffries and Peats? How could we find out? Please your products are awesome and more people should be aware and it may get you some free publicity of we can get the organisation behind you.
Emily from Singapore wrote at March 24, 2013:
Thank you for a great product ... we have found the Gently inserts can be used in our other brand of washable nappies, making a great solution for when we are travelling or out for the day, and need something disposable. Really hope you can start retailing in Singapore soon ... we cam across your product by chance whilst on holiday in Australia!
Liz Richards from Cairns Queenslanda Australia wrote at March 9, 2013:
Hi I have checked out your recommended stockists however I am unable to find newborn inserts only. Buying the starter pack continually is not economical or environmental however we would really like to start using your product. Can you help me further with stockists.Kind regards Liz
Dee Mortimore from Australian wrote at January 13, 2013:
Fantastic product, so glad there has been an alternative to regular dispoable nappy Developed, to help with the land fill problem. I've been using them for a month now for my new little boy, would be great to have a Face Book page and link developed as I'm very keen to spread the word around. :-)
Kathy Michaels wrote at September 22, 2012:
Thanks for a great new product. We have a 9 month old and have moved over to Gently almost completely now.
Simon Elsworth wrote at September 22, 2012:
Great product - doesn't leak and more affordable than any alternative PLUS no eco penalty!
Gabrielle Spragg wrote at June 30, 2012:
Looks like a good idea, look forward to trying them. You need a Facebook like page so I don't forget to look for the products when they come in and can tell my friends if my experience with them is good!
Brian Robson wrote at June 6, 2012:
Congrats Gently-team